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You can't have this kind of fun with a game console
You can't have this kind of fun with a game console

Preschool, Child and Youth Programs

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From indoor and outdoor sports, drama, dance, martial arts, baking, and youth nights, OSCA provides an amazingly wide range of programs for children of all ages. Grown-ups with an active inner-child, please accept our apologies but do also look at our adult programs.

*Note if you are looking for Breakfast Club and After-Four or Camps and PD Days, there is a separate page for both of those sections*


Preschool Programs

OSCA runs a variety of preschool programs. Some are parent and tot where preschoolers attend class with a parent or caregiver. Parents and children are welcome to register for these programs at any time! If you begin a program after the first week, you will receive a pro-rated price if you register in person. Others are drop-off programs where our experienced preschool teachers and specialized instructors guide your child through different activities like crafts, music, active games, and much more! Our program guides have more details regarding the different options we offer each session.


Children’s Programs

We run a variety of different children’s programs throughout each session. They range from sports and physical activity to visual arts to dancing and more! Some programs we've offered include Jiu Jitsu, Pottery, Young Rembrandts Cartooning, Spring Soccer, Nerf, Lego, Cycling Safety, Baking Workshops, Dance, Gymnastics, And more!


Youth Programs

Youth Night

Youth Night is back and better than ever at the Firehall! We listened to what youth told us they wanted, we researched, and we gave Youth Night a facelift. We’re so excited for this new Fall session! We’ve decided to try splitting the grades so Gr. 5 & 6s have their own Youth Night and so do the Gr. 7 & 8s. Please note that Youth Night and Sports Night now run from 6:30PM-9:00PM unless otherwise noted. 

*New* Youth Sports Night Dates at Hopewell

We’ve also added a Youth Sports Night run out of Hopewell Gym. See below for the dates and sports for each grade. Please note that these are each week’s tentatively planned sports, but if participants have other suggestions, they are ALWAYS welcome! Sports Night runs from 6:30PM-9:00PM.



Gain the necessary skills to become a confident babysitter.  Topics included: safety, basic first aid, crafts, games, discipline and infant care. A certificate will be issued by the Canadian Safety Council upon successful completion of this course.


Home Alone

The Home Alone program is designed to provide children 10 years of age and older with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to identify the consequences of decisions and actions made in daily life, follow safety procedures, describe ways to obtain emergency help, demonstrate knowledge of how to use 911 correctly, and review basic first aid procedures.


How to Register Online

  1. If you don’t have a profile with us, click here https://osca.legendonlineservices.ca/enterprise/account/Registration and then click “Register A New Account With OSCA”. Here, you can create an ADULT profile for yourself. You will be emailed a confirmation and login. Once you’ve confirmed your account, you can start registering for programs. If you have children, you can create profiles for your child(ren) if need be once you start choosing different programs and camps for them.

  2. If you ALREADY have a profile, go to https://osca.legendonlineservices.ca/enterprise/program/index so you can register for programs.

  3. Search for the program you need using the different search options. We also provide barcodes in our program guides that you can use in the Program Barcode search bar. If not, you can use the course title or just browse through programs. If you are having trouble with OSCA's Program Search or Camp Search directories, try entering part of the program's title in the Program Name field. Example: If you search for "yoga" the system will return: Core Challenge and Stretch Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Little Lotus Family Yoga, etc.

  4. Click the course you want and review the details. If you’re ready, click “Register” on the bottom right hand side of the page.

  5. You will be prompted to log into your account.

  6. You’ll then be moved to a page that will allow you to select the participant who you are registering. If the person you are registering is not in the drop-down menu, select “Create New” and follow the prompts.

  7. Once you select that person, continue by pressing “Add to Cart” at the bottom right of the screen.

  8. You will be brought to your “Cart” to review the cost and details. Click the blue-lettered “Terms and Conditions” towards the right of the screen. Please review so you know our policies. When satisfied, select “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” and continue by selecting “Confirm Cart.” (Note that if you no longer want the course you’ve selected, click the red “x” beside the course name.)

  9. You will then be prompted to proceed with payment. You must pay by Visa or Mastercard when registering online. 

How to Access Your Online Tax Statements

1. Login to your profile at https://osca.legendonlineservices.ca/enterprise/account/login

2. Once you’re in your profile, look on the left hand side (red buttons) and click the “Bills, Payments, Credit Notes” button.  

3. Click the “Statement” tab.

4. Put in the dates you want (or leave them blank to search all of your programs) and click “Search”

5. You’ll then see your statement for the programs between the dates you selected. On the right of each is a click box with check-marks in them. For any item on your statement that you don’t want, you can click off of it so it won’t show up when you go to print the statement.

6. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click “Build Detailed Statement”

7. Click “Print” and a PDF version of your statement will appear. Print it and you’re all set!


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    Preschool, Child and Youth Programs From indoor and outdoor sports, drama, dance, martial arts, baking, and youth nights, OSCA provides an amazingly wide range of programs for children of all ages. Grown-ups with an active…

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