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Helene Lacelle with new works.
Helene Lacelle with new works. Photo by Peter Evanchuck.

Spring Has Sprung: A New Life of Pie Art Show

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Ottawa winter’s can be much too long and this one is no exception, so Helene Lacelle and Peter Evanchuck made images from summer’s languid, colourful days as a reminded to all that this beauty will return sooner than later – “Spring has Sprung.”

Since we always carry our pocket cameras (Panasonic LX7) with us as we cycle or hike daily the beautiful Rideau River pathways and green spaces, we take shots of the unusual and beautiful and reinvent. This reinvention is our passion and life style. As Oscar Wilde believed, “One must live with beauty otherwise one does not live.” Nature has such beauty with every moment of its creations.

With Lacelle’s traditional painting skills and Evanchuck’s photographic skills, we combine these two forms and styles into 21st century “new image making” using computers, cameras, brushes, paints and layers of image information. The results is the fabulous and unique “Marvelous Realism” that is our partnering results. Creating something new, different, and beautiful is what we hope to achieve with our collaborations.

The customers and friends of Life of Pie are invited to drop into the Loo not the Louvre and view these bursts of spring on the Rideau as it winds thru Old Ottawa South and beyond. The reader is reminded that these images are in the Loo (not the Louvre). So before you drink your cafe au lait and scones, drop into the Loo and check out these local beauties.

Lacelle and Evanchuck have been showing “in the Loo” at Life of Pie for two years and, in a way, are resident Loo artists.

The show runs to May 30, 2018 at Life of Pie, 1134 Bank Street. For more info write hdlacelle [AT] yahoo [DOT] ca or surf to marvelousrealismcanada.blogspot.ca.  

Originally published in the April 2018 OSCAR.

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