Old Ottawa South Community Association

Windsor Pups

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An open group for all dog owners and users of Windsor park in Old Ottawa South. This group has worked to enhance the park life for users since 1992. The group shares information, enjoys social events together, and works to improve the park setting. 

The annual Windsor Pups spring cleanup of the park and river shore is a much anticipated event. Overall,  it is an effort to build community and a respect for other non-dog users of Windsor Park through informal self-policing; they also work on issues with the City to enhance the park for everyone, that is its 'shared-use'. As of January 2013, Windsor Pups has an e-list — by dog's name and contact data on the dog's owner/operator  — of more than three hundred. This list has come in very handy over the years as a way of dealing with and communicating on a wide range of problems and opportunities.

For more details, see the Windsor Pups Facebook page or contact Brian Tansey or Peter Wells.

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