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The following is a list of possible research subjects.

To Do List - pick one and run with it
To Do List - LAC Items to Investigate *
To Do List - LAC Department of Railways and Canals fonds - items to investigate *
To Do List - LAC items to investigate - images *
NCC Bibliography
Bookmarks *
Detailed bookmarks *
Photo websites & sources
Bronson Avenue Bridge House
Munsey's Bridge *
Mutchmore Bridge over the Rideau Canal  
Winter Footbridge over the Rideau Canal 
City and County Directories Online
  Old Street Names
  Ottawa City Directory 1909 - Old Ottawa South
  Ottawa City Directory 1913 - Old Ottawa South
  Ottawa City Directory 1916 - Old Ottawa South
  Ottawa City Directory 1923 - Old Ottawa South
Demographics in Ottawa South 1911 Census
Images Master List *
NCC Heritage Architecture Slide Index
Market Gardens
Mayfair Theatre
Notable Residents & Residences
Echo Bank House *
Hunt House 149 Hopewell *
Hunt House *
Robertson House *
Williams House 96 Southern Drive *
Williams House *
Old Firehall - No. 10 Graham Station
History of the Ottawa Fire Department
Ottawa Motor Boat Association
Ottawa Motor Boat Assocation Lease on Rideau Canal
Ottawa South Property Company
Ottawa South Property Company Prospectus
Post Office
Petition for the Establishment of a Post Office at Rideauville
Road past the Swamp on the Nepean Mountains *
Sisters of the Precious Blood Monastery
Wyoming Park  

* = OSHP Google Group link

Note that this article represents information previously posted to the Pages section of the Ottawa South History Project Google Group. With changes to the groups structure, the pages are no longer available via the Google Group. We're in the process of re-creating these articles here within this website. If there's something you're looking for in this list that hasn't yet been converted, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..