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From the Archives: Removing the Old Ice House on the Rideau River

A sign of the times from the 1940s, ice houses were no longer needed as home and business refrigeration units became commonplace. This news item is from the Ottawa Citizen December 27, 1949.

Bowesville Road ran from Billings Bridge to the village of Bowesville located at the site of the present-day Ottawa Airport. An observant eye will note the marker "Cowan 1922" on the building face at Bank and Cameron (1227 Bank Street), former site of the Cowan's general store.

Removing Old Ice House

A landmark on the Bowesville Road, a half a mile west of Billings Bridge, is shortly to disappear in the removal of the ice house as part of the National Capital development.

The Federal District Commission, through H. R. Cram, secretary, has called for tenders for the demolition of the large structure, the bids to be received before noon Friday Jan. 6.

The ice house, which is not now in use, was expropriated by the commission, along with a number of other occupied houses near the south shore of the Rideau River, for the purpose of constructing a driveway. Fills will be made to avoid the spring floods, according to the general plans.

The ice house was erected by the Ottawa Dairy Co, about 33 years ago but was sold by that company in 1929, after which it was acquired by Cowan grocery and ice company in Ottawa South, which operated it until recently.

The dairy, which is now the Ottawa Dairy division of Borden Co. Limited, produces ice from its own artificial ice plant at the present time.

Link to newspaper article: p.11 Dec. 27, 1949.