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Rideau River Flooding: The 610 Action Plan

Editor's Note: This pilot project for 2015 in Old Ottawa East will certainly be of interest to all residents living near the Rideau River.

What is the Brantwood Park 610 Action Plan?

The 610 Action Plan is a Brantwood Park community information initiative to help residents be better prepared in the event of a spring flood.

How did this name come about?

The number 610 refers to the volume of flow in the Lower Rideau River – 610 cubic metres per second – calculated by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) to breach the berm on Onslow Crescent.

Why do we have the 610 Action Plan now?

On March 2, 2015, the Old Ottawa East Community Association had a public meeting where community residents, City of Ottawa, and the RVCA discussed spring flooding. Two recommendations were made:

  1. That a flyer be prepared to point Brantwood Park area residents to existing information on flood preparation; and
  2. That existing channels of communication – specifically the Old Ottawa East Community Association website and the Community Activities Group (CAG) eUpdate – be used to keep residents informed during an actual flooding event.

At one point during the 2014 melt, the RVCA predicted flows of 610 cubic metres per second, and residents felt it was difficult to find helpful information quickly.  This Action Plan is a pilot project and will be amended as necessary. Input from community residents is welcome. Comments can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


brantwood flood zone

What homes in the Brantwood Park area are subject to possible flooding?

This map shows approximately the area of Brantwood Park that is most at risk of flooding for a 1-in-100-year event.  There is a 1% chance in 100 years that homes could actually flood. 

How will I know if flooding in the Brantwood Park area is expected?

You can get flood alerts from   This site has many other excellent links for flood preparedness.


Where else can I get emergency preparedness information?

See the City of Ottawa’s Are You Ready? program at and

The Office of Emergency Management for the City of Ottawa can be found at

One can also call 3-1-1 at the City of Ottawa for helpful flood preparedness information.

How can I be in touch with what’s happening in my community in the event of a flood?

Old Ottawa East community residents can sign up for the “eUpdate” regular email from the CAG at  In the event that a “flood warning” message is received from the RVCA, eUpdates will pass along the warning and any additional information received from RVCA or City of Ottawa that is specific to our community. Residents remain responsible for monitoring news media for general flood and weather forecasting information.

If I have to sandbag my home, where do I get sandbags?

The City of Ottawa provides free sand and bags.  Please see  for information on where to get sandbags. In an emergency the City of Ottawa will also bring sand and bags to central locations in affected communities. A CAG eUpdate will inform residents if this has been arranged.

How do I sandbag my windows and doors?

There are many resources on the Internet that could provide guidance on this. It’s a good idea to review them in advance. For example, you can get information on this at

Is there anything else I should do?

As a caring community, neighbours should check with each other to see if there are elderly, ill or disabled residents who may need help during a flood. If you plan to be absent from your home during the spring flooding period, it’s a good idea to arrange with your neighbours to take care of your home if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing in this announcement should be construed as relieving the responsibility of each resident in exercising due diligence in independently accessing flood and flood preparation information, and in protecting their property from high waters.

You can view a map of the flood plain via the City of Ottawa mapping tool GeoOttawa. Type in a given address and choose the zoning layer option which shows flood plain overlay.