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Learning in Retirement - Winter 2018

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The Learning in Retirement program at Carleton University is pleased to announce the upcoming session scheduled for winter of 2018. This session will feature twelve unique and exciting lecture series, two writing workshops, and six language workshops.

Registration for the Winter 2018 Session will begin on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at 9:00 a.m.

Winter 2018 (January 8 – February 23, 2017)

Lecture Series:

1.       "How Outstanding Architects Live and Die" with H Masud Taj

2.       "London's Art Scene: The Bloomsbury Group" with Dr. Marieke Kalkhove

3.       "The Finer Points of Listening to Music" with Keith McCuaig

4.       "Serenissima Repubblica: The Art of Renaissance Venice" with Adriane Aboud

5.       "Art Appreciation: Canadian Art" with Angela Marcus

6.       "Introduction to Neurological Disease" with Ashley Thompson

7.       "The Heart of Europe: a history of Central Europe" with Dr. Marcel Jesenský

8.       "Sensory Worlds: The Neural Basis of Animal Behaviour" with Katie Lucas

9.       "From Longhouse to Lumber to Legislation: An anecdotal history of Ottawa" with Phil Jenkins

10.   "Art Appreciation: Canadian Art" with Angela Marcus

11.   "How Nutrition Changes the Aging Brain" with Dr. Nafisa Jadavji

12.   "A Brief History of Jazz: Duke, Dizzy, Miles, Monk, Mingus, and More" with Adrian Cho

Writing Workshops:

1.       "Remembering Through Reading: Stories From My Life" with Dr. Anna Rumin

2.       "My Life as a Museum: A Springboard for Memoir" with Dr. Anna Rumin

Language Workshops:

1.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers I - section I" with Ioana Dimitriu

2.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers I - section II" with Ioana Dimitriu

3.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers I - section III" with Ioana Dimitriu

4.       "Spanish Conversation for Travellers II" with Ioana Dimitriu

5.       "Faux débutant (false beginner): Conversational French" with Claire Owen

6.       "Intro to American Sign Language" with Josée-Anna Tanner

Additional details available on the Carelton LinR website.

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