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Next Bridge-to-Bridge Project Planting: October 7, 2017

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It’s the job of all of us to promote peace, beauty, and to leave the world better than we found it.

That is the ideal of the Bridge-to-Bridge Project. The idea is to grow a forest that can protect our community from the smog and sounds of the traffic on the six-lane monstrosity that has become Bronson Avenue. 

Over the last ten years, we have created a green space along Bronson Place (near the corner of Sunnyside) that is home to walnut, oak, spruce, three-types of fruit trees, and the last remains of the Great Dow’s Lake Swamp. It has become an informal nature sanctuary with rabbits, woodchucks, red-wing blackbirds and a host of other birds and butterflies.

The pride of the place are three trees with historical connections. One was a tree planted with the help of Iranian and Afghan poets to celebrate the life of Farkhanda a young woman killed in Kabul. The other trees are maples grown from buds from the historical tree in Toronto that inspired our Canadian flag. It was planted in the fall of 2014 by a group of children, Afghan veterans, and federal politicians from every major political party.

The next stage of the project is to create an under carpet of wild flowers to add colour and beauty to site, as well as providing a sanctuary for butterflies and birds. We will be led by Sandra Garland, of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, who will be bringing many wildflower seeds.

The planting will be on Bronson Place at the corner of Sunnyside at 9.00 am Saturday, October 7, 2017. Please do come. Bring children and everyone of all ages. There will be Scouts, volunteers, shovels, gloves, garbage bags and coffee/doughnuts. Please come along and share you energy and spirit. If you have wildflowers to donate they would be most welcome!

Originally published in the October 2017 OSCAR. 

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