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Cedars & Co. Food Market Finally Opens!

Cedars and Co. Fish Case"The fish is in the case." No, this is not a BBC Radio coded message from WWll: the fresh fish—salmon, scallops, trout, shrimp, haddock, and on and on—was put on ice this very afternoon at Cedars & Co., Old Ottawa South's new fresh food store at 1255 Bank Street.

It is code for, "That means they're really opening!" and there is excitement bubbling all through Old Ottawa South.

Prices are being put on as I write (4:45 pm Thursday), and Marylyn, the store manager, has said it is likely to open this evening, although the Open sign is not yet up. Nevertheless, the health inspector has paid her visit ( she left at 4 pm) and all is well; all tests were passed.

Cedars & Co. is a Brand-new Store


Ever since the Fresh Fruit store closed (under somewhat mysterious circumstances) at this location a few years back, Old Ottawa South has been without a fresh food store, and it was sorely missed. When Brian Mahmoud decided to open Cedars & Co. at 1255 Bank, he changed, added to, or refreshed everything but the outside facade: flooring, lighting, HVAC, cash registers, parking lot, produce and grocery cases, as well as adding prepared food areas.

It's a brand-new and beautiful place—today the shelves were stuffed full of perfectly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Take Out or Eat In?


And there's an eating area! Shawarma, fish and chips, as well as a wide variety of other hot foods are available for eat-in or take-out, with quite a bit of Lebanese accent, too.

Come and have a look...and eat in tonight yourself, as I will be doing. Official opening won't be for another month or so, but in the meantime, let's celebrate. The 'hood is alive with the 'sounds' of produce!

With Taylor's Genuine Food & Wine Bar, our new higher-end foodie resto at the top, Carmen's Veranda (and what a cookie she is!) and Cedars fresh everything in the middle, plus the new Indian restaurant Namaste at the foot of our 'hood, we are going to be in very civil nutritional (and/or gastronomical) shape for quite a while in our little "Sunnyside" enclave.

Editor's note: Food "between the bridges" never looked so good! Check out more pictures of the new Cedars & Co. food store in our photo gallery, but we urge you to visit the store itself at 1255 Bank Street, right in the heart of Old Ottawa South.