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Heritage Survey 2009

OSHP_Heritage_Survey_2009Old Ottawa South has a rich and varied array of built heritage and associated places including 7 individual properties designated for protection under the Ontario Heritage Act. A number of other buildings and properties are well known landmarks, and several streetscapes clearly evoke specific periods of building styles, such as Echo Drive, Euclid Avenue and Belmont Avenue near Fairbairn Avenue. In 2009 the Ottawa South History Project undertook a Heritage Survey to further our shared understanding of the heritage stock in Old Ottawa South.

The Heritage Survey had the following goals:

  1. To create an up-to-date survey of heritage features in Old Ottawa South, in Ottawa, Ontario
  2. To enhance public understanding of the heritage value of the neighbourhood as a whole
  3. To involve the community in the identification and documentation of the heritage value of Old Ottawa South
  4. To create a reliable information resource that can serve as evidence for decision-making about the urban environment of Old Ottawa South

The Heritage Survey resulted in 5 individual property heritage profiles and 2 streetscape heritage profiles, along with a neighbourhood atlas of 10 colour plates.

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During the fall of 2009 and first half of 2010 the heritage profiles have been successively published in the OSCAR. The neighbourhood atlas requires some further work to complete its text to accompany the colour plates, and will be published once that is complete.

The Ottawa South History Project would like to thank Julie Harris of ContentWorks for her substantial involvement in the planning and delivery of the Heritage Survey. Without her efforts this project would not have been possible. We would like to thank David Jeanes and Heritage Ottawa who assisted greatly in the project administration. We would like to thank the members and volunteers of the History Project who contributed valuable advice, local knowledge and their considerable volume of historical and heritage research materials and links to photos and maps in archives.

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The Ottawa South History Project would also like to acknowledge the generous financial support of the sponsors of the Heritage Survey:

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